ANYONE can learn to sing, play guitar, or play really any instrument! But there are PROVEN METHODS of success that most people miss!

Think of all the successful musicians who never formally hired a music teacher! If you compared them to an unsuccessful but educated musician. The ONLY DIFFERENCES ARE EXPERIMENTATION, PRACTICE, PASSION, & GOAL SETTING;  A good teacher is just the cherry on top.

1. Experiment

Do things “wrong.” Play your guitar upside down. Sing badly. Play random notes. Pretend you're playing something amazing while just goofing around! Don’t judge yourself and have fun! You don’t need to know ANYTHING to have fun!! And occasionally you might do something awesome! You know a lot more than you think once you get out of your own way =)

2. Set goals

How good do you want to be in a week? A month? A year? Ten years? Who/what do you want to sound like? Do your goals and expectations of yourself change as you practice?

 Write it down! I’m a big supporter of music journals to log your progress and ideas. I use my laptop!

3. Practice

Practice 5-10 minutes a day every other day (or more) like it's a chore (it shouldn’t feel like one once you get started.. but it might at first.) After you do homework, wash the dishes, etc. everyday you practice EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE IT! (Sometimes the best practice happens on those days.)

Increase practice to 30 minutes as you begin to enjoy the learning process. Increase to an hour if you wish. Or two. Or three. Play every day instead of every other! Practice EFFECTIVELY! How much practice is optimal for you to be successful? What Practice schedule works best?

The more you practice (as long as you’re not injuring yourself and giving yourself time to rest) the more you set yourself (and your bank account) up for success with a teacher!

Do this for a few weeks before finding a teacher! How much practice is optimal for you to be successful? What times work best for you?

4. Passion

The more you repeat the above steps; the more passionate you will become! You'll see how much you're capable of with the right vision and action! Two weeks ago you could barely play or sing a note and now you're working on one of your favorite songs!!! Our ability to adapt and improve is AMAZING once you tap into the secrets!

Now, begin taking time outside of practice to learn about your instrument and music in general! Listen to new types of music; new ways of using your instrument! Look up bios of artists who inspire you! Read books about the history of your instrument, your favorite artists, etc! I promise you there is lots of awesome information out there; it doesn't have to be, nor should it ever be, boring!

5. Find a Teacher

Do your research! Now that you know what you're capable of and what direction you want to go, use that passion to find a teacher! Call or e-mail potential teachers, ask LOTS of questions! REFUSE TO SETTLE FOR LESS!

You did it! By accomplishing the previous 4 steps you've achieved more than the vast majority of people who want to become a musician (whether they want to perform for themselves, friends & family, or for a big stage!) A teacher will give you additional, specific resources to succeed as long as you continue repeating steps 1-4!!! Any teacher would be honored to have you as a student.

P.s. There are some exceptions where a teacher might be a good idea sooner!

For example: Young children might benefit from a teacher early on. Someone who has difficulty singing on pitch might need a teacher to guide them to trust themselves! Someone who is experiencing pain should see a specialist immediately. Feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions about your particular situation! I teach lessons privately in Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey, WA and I also teach guitar and singing lessons on skype.