Debate Response To User “mwb2 - Baritone, Opera / Classical" - Part 2

"No, a great classical guitarist won't automatically know specific techniques of other styles without studying them; that's not the claim. But is a virtuoso classical guitarist going to pick up rock guitar style INFINITELY faster than someone with no background in guitar? Yes. Similarly, if you are an accomplished classical singer, will you be able to pick up many (not necessarily all) styles faster (much faster, probably) than a completely untrained singer? I would bet so."

Sure. But I wouldn’t go to a classical guitarist to learn how to play metal. As I’ve explained already classical singing employs significantly different (see: inaccurate) techniques and ideas than contemporary singing does. This is a huge problem when classical singers come into the contemporary singing market with little to no experience with it.

I wish I could find the study, but there was an informal study done where 40+% of musical theatre teachers were actually classical singing teachers who couldn’t find work. Yet, they were teaching a style they had no knowledge of and had never performed.

This is why you get all these dumb cross-over ideas and it’s exactly why so many people are confused! The facts are out there and widely available yet teachers choose to ignore them in favor of their strict traditional approaches.

Someone can’t possibly know how to sing without an overbearing teacher telling them they’re doing it wrong! If it doesn’t feel unnatural and require thousands of arbitrary rules to accomplish then it’s obviously wrong!!!

Opera singing is inherently better because it requires more rules! More rules and more control! This is what makes classical singing so much more technically advanced than those barbaric contemporary styles. If someone is learning to sing without overbearing authority it’s because what they’re learning is easy and not because classical technique is a poor, out-dated system, right?

"You say this as an expert on classical styles? On the specific muscular and neurological control required to pull them off at the professional level? I doubt it. There is lots technically advanced about classical styles--and by advanced I mean requiring more precise muscular control, more complex movements, more difficult adjustments made more often."

This is the exact mentality I take issue with. Instead of arguing with you I would like you to back up your statement with evidence. Prove to me that singing an operatic is more difficult than singing a contemporary pop song with objective data.

I have spent several hours sourcing and objectively re-analyzing existing data on singing technique. Unless you’re willing to continue this conversation using scientific evidence to support your opinion on technique then, unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much of a discussion to be had here.