Do I like how your voice sounds and feels? If the answer is "no" ask yourself "am I practicing at least 15 minutes every other day?" If your answer is no, see my article 5 EASY STEPS TO TAKE BEFORE FINDING A MUSIC TEACHER. If your answer is yes continue reading.

If you want to improve quickly, it's essential you find a teacher in your area who specializes in your preferred style. DON'T SETTLE FOR A MEDIOCRE TEACHER even if it means paying more! This article will help you find THE BEST in your area (or online!)

You're making an investment in your personal development; don't accept anyone beneath you! The bad habits I learned from bad teachers still haunt me to this day! Once you learn something it's INCREDIBLY difficult to unlearn it!

It's quite easy to find an amazing teacher! Simply ask them (or google) a combination of the following questions.

1. What is your education & background? Who did you learn from? Have you had a singing career?

Don't learn from someone who has never studied music or had a reasonably successful career as a singer. Would you go to a mechanic who never learned how to fix cars and has never fixed a car before?

2. What experience do you have with my preferred style of singing?

Singing teaching has been unable to meet the demands in the fast evolving arena of contemporary technique. Belting, for example, is an incredibly novel technique that most teachers have never done and have no interest in learning. Yet, in order to compete in the contemporary market teachers are forced to teach it even if they don't know how!

Just because a teacher was classically trained DOES NOT mean they have any idea how to teach you to belt like Beyonce! If your teacher has no experience in your style then MOVE ON! Would you get your car fixed by a boat mechanic with no knowledge of cars?? NO!

3. Do you have a recording of yourself singing?

This is ESSENTIAL. If your teacher DOES NOT SOUND GOOD, FIND ANOTHER ONE IMMEDIATELY! Your instructor NEEDS TO HAVE AN AMAZING VOICE! If they're worth their salt they'll have recordings of them singing FULL songs using their FULL range of voice.

No 10 second clips, no excerpts. You need to their high notes, low notes, mid-range notes, vibrato, straight tone, etc. MOST IMPORTANTLY you need to hear their expression & emotion! You need to, preferably, see them perform in front of an audience! 

Know their contemporary belt ranges if that's what you're interested in learning! How do they sound in each part of their range? Here are rough belt ranges by voice type. Basses and altos are incredibly rare so I'm excluding them.

Baritone - E2 - G4

Tenor - C3 - C5

Mezzo Soprano - A3 - F5

Soprano - G3 - G5

Note: I don't meet many of my own standards! I don't have many live performance recordings! So don't take lessons from me!! Don't take my word; find someone BETTER!

4. Do you have recordings of any of your students? Have any of your students had successful careers?

Not all singing teachers have access to recordings of their students. But the really good ones tend to. Successful teachers will also tend to have successful students and love to brag about them when given the opportunity!

5. Why do you think you would be a good fit for what I want to learn?

Straight forward enough! Teachers want your business; they want to serve you. A good teacher will know why they're good and will know how to guide you toward your goals.

6. Can you recommend any other singing teachers in the area?

A high quality singing teacher will know and have respectful relationships with other singers in the area. Many of my teachers have worked extensively with one another and can speak highly of their peers.

I guarantee if you ask these 6 questions, you'll find an amazing teacher that will change your life. Be patient and be persistent! You probably won't find perfection.. but find THE BEST you can find! Don't ever settle for less because you, my friend, are capable of amazing things you have yet to discover.