Chest up!
Shoulders back!
Squeeze a penny between your butt cheeks!
Head straight up! Like theres a string attached!
Arms to your side!

One of the biggest myths about singing is there there is such a thing as a "singing posture." THERE ISN’T! This is one of the biggest disconnects between singing teachers and professional singers!!!

Just look at all of your favorite singers; I PROMISE you none of them are following the rules listed above. In fact, study after scientific study has shown us that singers don’t even follow their own rules when singing!

These ideas are incredibly outdated and come from pre-scientific singing techniques dating back centuries. The next thing singers are going to be told is that the world is flat!!! Singing is a muscular process (muscle memory.) The muscles of your larynx aren’t significantly affected by the positioning of your feet, shoulders, arms, etc.


Let the emotion of the song take over your body. When you’re happy in real life you can’t help but adopt a pleasant body language & voice tone. The same when you’re sad, angry, in love, etc.

The REAL result of postural tension is caused from not expressing what you’re feeling. It’s a big part of our culture to hide our feelings which is the root of many of our problems. Allow yourself to feel! Practice it not only while singing, but in all aspects of life! Just because you’ve left the practice room doesn’t mean you aren’t practicing!!

Here’s a brief list of the emotions certain body postures communicate. Be sure your emotions are in line with what you’re singing!

Feet facing inward (shyness)

Hunching (sadness/shyness/indifference)

Chest up/shoulders back (confidence/power/arrogance/dominance)

Raised arms (pride/ achievement/joy)

That’s it. That’s all you'll EVER need to know about posture. You can stop reading now and move on with your life, never to worry about it again! But.. if you really need to know more.. Check out Singing Posture Part 2!