Upcoming Content

I feel bad I haven't updated all my friends in a while! =)

Guys I've been busy! But busy making stuff for you! I just wanted to quickly say I love you all and I have some big things coming!

First off, from here on out,  I'll be updating this blog AT LEAST once a week; every Sunday evening!

I got a new, better microphone! I am working on tons of YouTube content including lessons and, what I'm most excited for, covers! I'm super excited to do the lessons too though! Within just a few minutes I can give yall tons of awesome and practical singing tips you haven't heard before!! AND I'll demonstrate it with my voice.. unlike many "voice teachers" on youtube who do way too much yappin and no singin!

I also have a super awesome article on breath support coming out! I decided I wanted to focus less on pumping out grammatically inconsistent (lol) articles often and instead work on creating HIGH QUALITY, sourced articles!

Ideas in the works:

~Testosterone's And Deep Voices (does it really matter?)

This article will definitively prove that testosterone doesn't have the effects on our vocal cords as mainstream knowledge would have us believe. Testosterone is INCREDIBLY complex; as are our vocal cords. The REALITY of speaking voice timbre is that you can CHOOSE how you want your voice to sound. Some men simply CHOOSE a deep voice because, as men, that's what were rewarded for. Likewise, women CHOOSE brighter, higher voices because a deep voice is considered manly.

~PROOF That Belting Isn't Harmful

~ Diet, Exercise, and Singing (Hint: Diet doesn't matter.)

Lots of cool stuff! Stay tuned!