The BEST Belting Advice You'll Ever Hear! (Smiling Technique)

An issue I come across often amongst singers of all experience levels is the general lack of awareness many of us have about our mouths! The opening of our mouth causes MAJOR changes in the sound of our voice!!

Just try it! Pucker your lips together and vocalize. Now spread your lips far apart with as much teeth showing as possible and vocalize! It's a very basic idea that has major implications in your singing.

In MOST contemporary singing (aside from a few ballads) the ideal mouth position is often described as "biting an apple." The more "bite" (exposed teeth), the brighter your tone! This is 100% true.. but with one admonition!

When you "bite an apple" (or at least when I bite an apple...) my bottom teeth are completely exposed. This is NOT ideal for most singers! What you want to do is cover those bottom teeth with your bottom lip. Often times, on high, powerful belted notes, you might even tuck your lower lip into your mouth!

If you find your chest belts are a bit too "hooty" or "woofy," try showing more teeth! Too nasal? Less teeth!!! 

Once you master this concept; you can eliminate the need for altering your mouth so drastically. Every voice & style is different; find the right balance for you!

Good luck singers!