Vocal Remedies are BULLSHIT! - Singing Diet Myth

Vocal remedies don’t work. There is no quick fix for the voice. No nasty tea concoction and no spray will do ANYTHING to affect the voice. In fact, they can be downright dangerous.

First of all, nothing you swallow EVER touches the vocal cords. So the idea that you’re “soothing the cords with honey & tea” or what have you… complete nonsense. This is probably the least vile of all of the vocal remedy claims. The only effect hot tea has on the voice is that the steam emanating from the liquid might temporarily moisten the folds.. similar to a hot shower.

The dangerous part of these remedies is the idea that herbs like ginger act as an anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling of the vocal cords. Not only is this wrong this is potentially career ending advice. Anti-inflammatories DO NOT affect vocal fold swelling. And, ironically, anti-inflammatories increase your risk of a vocal cord hemorrhage. Ouch!

This is the part about singing that NO ONE seems to want to do. REST! I don’t care if you were invited to a party after the show, DON’T GO. No amount of tea will make up for the shots of whiskey you drank last night or the yelling you did over the large crowd at the bar. And, unfortunately, honey won’t change the fact that you pre-exhausted your voice for the day having a long chat with your mom over coffee (which likely aggravated your acid reflux.)

Deal with the issues in your life you can control. Remedies do not work. If you’re having issues vocally, see an ENT! Talk to someone who knows how the voice works and can give you REAL advice and potentially prescribe you something that actually works.