Free Vocal Program - Help Me Help You

I'm creating a free start to finish contemporary belting program. It's easy to sing modern music when you know how the instrument works. Help me reach my 2,000 subscriber goal on YouTube so I can release it an ensure it stays free.

No complex anatomy, no confusing terminology. Based on every day, natural sounds. I'm creating a video game alongside a free public YouTube video series so that you completely understand the concepts.

Other programs attempt to teach you how to create a sound by describing the desired sound, not defining it. "Heady" sound, "chesty" sound, "mixed" sound, neutral sound, etc. This isn't a definition of the sound but a description of it. Trying to sing "heady" or "mixed" will not result in the desired timbre because the definition is not true.

Or other programs will use anatomy to describe how the sound is made... but they do not define the sound. What I have made is a program that divides the sound into it's parts, parts based on natural human sounds which share universal placement sensations. When you add together sounds X, Y, & Z you get a timbre similar to ___.

The only problem is that I fear one of these marketing pros who seem to run the show at YouTube are going to steal the idea and try to sell it (as they have in the past.) I need to be sure I have people behind me to call people out for profiting off of a public idea.

Thank you all for the help and support =).