Breathing for Singing is Automatic.

Sorry all!! I've been MIA for quite some time now! Been working on a lot of awesome projects that are coming your way!

For the time being check out the awesome article I came across. Here are the highlights:

~The more you try to control your breathing, the less control you have over it.

Breathing is automatic, reflexive function that regulates itself. By deliberately “taking” a breath we interfere with this natural function and create undue tension causing the breath to work against us.

~It is impossible to directly control the diaphragm.

The diaphragm has no nerve endings or sensation. Additionally, the diaphragm is primarily a muscle of inspiration and consequently plays very little role in exhalation rendering the idea of ‘diaphragmatic support’ to be without basis in scientific fact.
" (not sure that this part really makes sense but the general idea does considering the diaphragm is involuntary)

I LOVE this. This is exactly how I look at breathing as well. This is influenced by the french school of though on breath management. That is... the body is intelligent enough to unconsciously regulate itself without conscious interference.

Also take note that the top of the lungs are positioned quite higher in the chest than most of us usually acknowledge. The idea that the chest needs to remain neutral while breathing is silly! "Chest breathing is bad" - the lungs are located in the chest!!!

Support is a byproduct of good technique, not the cause.