May Update

Still alive, somehow. What I'm working on now is a "how to sing" e-book for CCM (contemporary commercial music) as nothing presently exists which I believe does an adequate job. Lots of singing, practice, etc. Systematizing my ideas.

My YouTube channel also just hit 20,000 total views! I have new content I am in the process of editing; just some quick stuff. My big project right now is working on a full cover song and then uploading my own music! Pretty excited for all of these developments.

Keep an eye out for my e-book coming in the next few months! It will be updated continuously as I gain more knowledge. If you're interested in getting a free copy in exchange for proof reading keep in touch with me!

As time goes my YouTube channel will become very popular, I will expand my e-book into a full blown singing course, and my blog will receive more frequent updates. Until then... I still have a day job.