STOP Comparing Vocal Function to Exercise Science!!!

No more talk of vocal "exercises," "stretching out" the vocal folds, or "warming up" the voice. Please.

First of all making such an anaologies requires that one have basic level of compotence in exercise science... were singers; not personal trainers. Most of us don't spend our weekends reading the latest exercise science research. Much of what people believe they know about exercise science is actually pseudoscience.

For example, this idea of "stretching" out the folds before "exercising" them. The current scientific consensus on stretching before exercising is that it does not prevent injury, and that it can even hinder athletic performance. "Stretching" doesn't even actually stretch muscle tissue. The comparison is complete bogus.

Second.. voice science and exercise science are two completely unrelated fields. You can't learn a few tips about lifting weights from a guy at the gym and think that it's going to translate into an effective model of vocal function...

I'm hesitant when people begin to overcomplicate things with talk of "warming up" the voice or "stretching out" the folds before you "exercise" it. We're not talking about doing squats and developing large muscle groups. We're talking about two flaps of tissue hardly larger than a nickel.

Lets bring some common sense back to singing!