Learning to sing and to play guitar should feel holistic, natural, and, most importantly, FUN! Unfortunately, many music teachers bog eager students down with bland exercises that vaguely translate to anything musical; leaving students feeling discouraged, confused, and utterly bored.

My name is Tristan Paredes, master guitar and vocal instructor with "You Can Sing ANYTHING!" I fell in love with music at a young age. I still remember willfully riding my bicycle to my piano lessons; given to me for free by a kind neighbor.

Now, I have a B.A. in vocal pedagogy & vocal performance from The Evergreen State College. You can catch me performing at theaters in Olympia, Centralia, Lakewood, Tacoma, and Seattle!

  • I approach music from non-traditional perspectives; taking focus away from how quickly students progress through assigned books and scales

  • Each lesson is centered around your personal goals and individual learning style.

YOU decide what you learn! 1940's Crooning? Of course I can help! Gritty rock and roll screams? I got you covered! Musical theater and pop belting?? Yeah, I got you covered! Aspiring singer-songwriter??? Trust me, I got you covered

In music there are no rules. No obstacle is too great! When you pursue your dreams; YOU can sing, play, and accomplish ANYTHING!

I teach all skill ranges from beginner to advanced! No experience required!

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Tristan Paredes (right) in a performance of The Mystery of Edwin Drood at The Lakewood Playhouse in 2015.