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My name is Tristan and I'm excited to meet you! I'm a voice teacher! I approach music with you from a casual and friendly place! All ages and skill levels are welcome here; from beginning to advanced! I specialize in teaching contemporary styles! RnB, Pop, Musical Theater, Rock; any style you're interested in we can do! 

Using my intuitive, science based approach, we can bypass a lot of the usual confusion experienced by most voice students and get right into what really matters - singing your favorite music. In my lessons you won't do endless scales & exercises but instead will learn how your voice works with practical information and application.

Come prepared with a song you are working on. My focus is on YOUR goals and aspirations; we study the songs YOU want to learn.

Not currently accepting New students (Sorry)

Website is a work in progress. Hoping to put up a list of free resources + teachers who I recommend- stay tuned! :)


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