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online voice lessons



Q: Can anyone learn to sing?

A: Yes. It is a myth that you have to be “born to sing." Singing is just like learning to play the guitar or learning to ride a bike. And you're never too old or too young to learn a new skill! Singing, actually, isn’t that difficult. It’s a skill that only requires the right techniques to accomplish.


Q: What does the typical lesson look like?

A: The goal of each lesson is to bring your voice closer to the way you want it to sound. To accomplish this, I prefer the practical approach of working directly with a song of your choice. Using this process as opposed to the traditional approach of endless scales & exercises shows you exactly how my methods and techniques apply to the music you want to sing.

Q: What method do you use?

A: I use an intuitive, simple, science based approach that I have created over several years. Using my approach, we can bypass a lot of the usual confusion experienced by most voice students and get right into what really matters - singing your favorite music.

Q: Can I have a lesson with you if I dont have a professional microphone or camera?

A: Yes. The quality of a laptop or phone camera is incredibly high these days. I have no issues hearing and addressing vocal problems with these devices.

Q: Can you review a clip of my singing?

A: Yes. I have a Patreon where I will review your singing on a monthly basis.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: Due to high demand, right now the only way to communicate with me directly is by booking a lesson.


Q: I hate the sound of my voice. Is this normal?

A: Yes. Many of the best actors hate to watch themselves on stage. I have never met a singer, regardless of talent level, that actually enjoyed listening to their own voice.

Q: i can Sing exercises but can't sing a song. Why?

A: This is very common. It’s why, when I teach lessons, I generally focus on singing songs instead of scales. Many teachers and methods put an overemphasis on exercises over practical application and teaching the student to understand their instrument.